"I loved my mini style refresh with Jane.  After just 90 minutes with Jane I was able to better understand my own personal brand and style, and challenge some of my assumptions about what works on me and what doesn’t. Jane worked out exactly what pieces I needed to buy and even which styles at which shops.  I went out during my lunchbreak the next day and bought the items Jane suggested and I love them! And there is no way I would have had the confidence or vision to have even gone to those stores or tried those pieces on.  I will be using Jane’s services again and highly recommend her."


CEO Professional Association

Age 39

Mini Style Refresh

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I have been feeling happy all day and I realised a large part of that was from seeing you and the magic you worked on my wardrobe.  Last night I wore an outfit I have not put on for three years and I have two more lined up for later in the week when it gets warm again.  So, positive all round and a big thank you."


Associate Professor in Marketing

Age 50

Wardrobe Makeover

‘"I have been wanting to do a personal styling session for some time now but was concerned that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the stylist and that they wouldn’t understand what I was looking to achieve. Through my business network I was sent Jane’s business advertisement which was very professional and then once meeting Jane at a function a few days later I knew that she was the personal stylist for me. Jane was friendly, easy to talk to, very professional and understood exactly what I was looking for so I booked the session and it met all my expectations. The first part of the session was spent finding out more about me, my style and what I wanted to achieve – KPI’s. Then we proceeded with a wardrobe cleanse and from this exercise Jane identified new outfits without me having to purchase any new items and she identified gaps as we went through that with little spend would expand my choices with existing pieces. Jane’s ability to do this was exceptional and we achieved so much in the few hours we had and I was extremely happy with the outcome as it met all my goals. The next day Jane sent through a very detailed document outlining everything we discussed and sent through some clothing item suggestions and where I would locate them so for me being ‘time poor’ like most, this definitely met one of my main KPI’s for Jane. I was so impressed that I will now proceed with the other options that Jane offers like the personal shopping along with constructing a portfolio of outfits for me to choose from without having to go through the stress of having to put items together for the look I’m after. I strongly recommend Jane and ‘After A Fashion Personal Styling’."


Senior Executive Financial Services

Age 48

Wardrobe Makeover

" On meeting Jane she had a very pleasant manner putting me at ease to do the survey and answer the styling questions. Setting goals was fairly easy because I have recently retired and in terms of fashion had been struggling with how to dress for non-work occasions and a less formal life style.

The wardrobe edit was fun when it could have been daunting. This process for me highlighted that I kept some clothes that I had worn a long time ago probably because I had loved them dearly but I definitely would never wear them again.

Jane encouraged me to make decisions about clothing options and challenged me to try mixing combinations I had not tried before.

Throughout the process Jane used a non-judgemental manner, none the less the end result was less clutter in my wardrobe and the 'gaps' for the shopping trip became apparent. 

Shopping with Jane was great. She was well prepared having many items on hold at a number of boutiques.  Jane selected well in terms of colour and style being mindful of some items already in my wardrobe. She included items I would not have discovered and/or been game to try on. At least one of these was purchased. 

Conversations about storage solutions and accessories were helpful. Later I revisited my jewellery and now have a renewed joy of including some of my treasures I had forgotten about with my new wardrobe. This was an exciting bonus.

The selection of two pairs of shoes have enhanced my wardrobe considerably. Again Jane encouraged me to try on different shoes than I would have normally. 

Overall I found the whole process both exciting and affirming. My goals have definitely been met with Janes help, knowledge and guidance."


Recently Retired High School Principal

Age 58

Style Transformation

"My styling session with Jane, was fantastic. After initially discussing my perceived fashion style and what I was looking for, Jane was able to help me cull my wardrobe based on this discussion. The process of culling items of clothing from my wardrobe was really empowering and whilst decluttering my wardrobe Jane guided me in what to throw out. By the end of it, I felt soo much better with my clothing options and we now have a list of items that I need to buy to make my wardrobe really work. Jane has taught me to make clothing choices into the future and gave me some really good styling tips which I am super excited to use.


During the session I discovered how the addition of a few essential items can really improve my style. The session gave me the confidence to be more bold with my fashion choices and own an outfit.


After finishing university a few months ago and recently starting full time work, I’ve been in a bit of a stage of “so what to do I wear and how do I change my wardrobe”. The session with Jane really helped me know how to smoothly transition into the workforce and retire many of my university based clothes, while recycling others to be worn in a professional context. I am now really excited to go shopping with Jane and update my wardrobe.  Most importantly, since finishing university I haven’t really known where to look for clothes that aren’t student budget based and Jane was able to point me in the right direction with pointers of what is acceptable to wear and what is not in the workplace.


The shopping trip was an amazing experience. It felt liberating to finally enter a store and have the confidence to try new things on that I wouldn't normally try on. I was also encouraged to enter stores I wouldn't normally enter and was really surprised by the outcomes. The best part about this was that Jane really knew her stuff- she had been into the stores and knew what was out there.


Reflecting back, a few weeks after the trip I have come to realise how important this trip has been for me. The items of clothing we bought, particularly the denim  jacket and adorable black shoes have become staples of my wardrobe! These little items, paired with Jane's knowledge and support when we combined the purchased items with my own clothes have really helped me shift my wardrobe from a uni student wardrobe to a professional wardrobe"


Project Coordinator Youth Sector

Age 22

Style Transformation

"Thank you Jane for opening my eyes to new options that better suit me. I was hanging on to far to many past suitable clothing items that served no purpose (emotional bonds... i'll wear it again one day...) and I needed the sound advice to make the move to refresh. Of the valuable clothing I did keep and without having to purchase any new items, you showed me multiple ways to wear things, get a refreshed look and get more use out of the individual pieces. The service was excellent, friendly and fun!"


Manager People and Culture

Age 40

Wardrobe Makeover

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the shopping experience with you to help me update my style this week. I love my new pieces (especially the tunic dress) and look forward to wearing them, mixing and matching them and getting compliments."



Age 70

Mini Style Refresh and Personal Shopping

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