Anne's Story

The Transformation!

This is Anne's story in her own words....

The Need

Jane came into my life at just the right time.  I had somewhere along the way lost my knack for finding clothes.  I had always been a fairly confident hunter and gatherer of clothes, but suddenly I found myself feeling that playsuits might not be for me and yet unsure of what was.  I retreated into Leona Edminston.  Like  “I have 15 of her dresses but little else” retreated.  And no one should be a one trick pony. I needed someone to see me through the eyes I could not and to build up my confidence in finding clothes again. Enter Jane.


The Audit

Showing an expert what you own and having to justify and try on items you are unsure about is a great opportunity to part with those items that you know you shouldn’t keep, but for some reason can’t bear to part with.  I really valued having an impartial expert opinion to help me do a cull but also to give feedback on some pieces that I had that I did not realise could be so useful and were classics.  My confidence started to build again as I realised the successes I already had and that the hunches I had on what to get rid of were on the mark.  I immediately felt better by divesting myself of some of the pieces that were not working.  And I had a major coat hanger overhaul.  That made a huge space difference and made the wardrobe look professionally organised. 


This audit is something that you cannot do alone and that a friend or sister won’t have the skills to help you with.  This stage was the most useful of all for me.  


The Shop

How refreshing it was to be seen through another’s’ eyes and to try on new labels and looks.  I met Jane in town and over the next few hours I tried on more garments that I had in the last year.  But in a good way!


I was worried that the clothes would not fit me but this wasn’t the case at all.  I ended up buying all new brands for me across four dresses, a scarf and shoes.  Thanks to Jane’s pre selection of garments, I achieved a full day of shopping in just a few hours and felt like a rock star in the process.  Jane made all the trying on fun rather than intimidating and she quickly adapted to the things that worked on me and the things that didn’t.  For example, we stating thinking “tops and skirts” but soon realised dresses were better for me. I got a clear vision of what I suited and what I did not.  The shop sales assistants interact completely differently with you when you have an expert stylist on hand.  This was the most fun part of the process for me, yet I did not expect that to be the case.


I honestly did not expect the shop to be so uplifting and such fun.  Jane has such a kind, knowledgeable and encouraging manner.   You can’t help but feel brave and beautiful when you shop with her.


The Reintegration

This home visit was a chance to confirm that what we had found was indeed the pieces I needed and that they would work with what I already had.  It was also a confirmation that I could wear more diverse looks than I had before.



Even a few weeks on I am feeling the effect.  I put on one of my new dresses last night, only to realise that a pair of shoes I bought 6 years ago in Singapore but have never had anything to match with, go with one of my new dresses.  Jane has made dressing fun again and I have my mojo back.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. More woman need to realise just how great an experience like this can make you feel, and how much money you can save by having a wardrobe that you actually wear and the knowledge to avoid clothes that don’t flatter you or that you will hardly ever need.

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